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All living rooms are equipped with comfortable beds 90x200cm. A bed table with LED beside lamp is for the evening read available.


For the perfect dress code are duble door closets in place.


The table can be used both as a cozy dining table or desk.





Each apartment has a kitchenette which is fully equipped with kitchen equipment (dishes, cutlery, pots/pans, microwave, kettle, etc.).


Depending on the size of the apartment electric equipment has been extended (for example in form of multiple freeze-cooling combinations).





Most of our apartments have the benefit of seperate bathrooms and toilets. Our large objects have more than one bathroom which are equipped with shower tub and/or shower.






Coatracks and shoe racks are installed in the corridor for joint use.






The energy-saving washing machines (at least A++) are either housed in a separate storage room or in the bathroom.


Also available: bedding, cleaning utensils (vaccum cleaner, shovel/broom, mop/bucket, etc.) clothshores, iron, laundry, baskets, ironing board.


In addition, most apartments have a balcony or terrace.

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